Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Let’s get the basic understanding about spinnakers

Generally, the spinnakers are available for three major applications: Cruising, Racing Symmetric and Racing Asymmetric. Each of these categories has their different options based on the intended conditions and that is wind angle and wind condition. 
So, start figuring out the theme of spinnakers designation and the meaning of the codes. The running sails, also known as the even number sail are basically designed for sailing at an apparent wind angle more than 90 degree. On the other hand, reaching sails which are known as the odd number sails are designed to deal with the wind angle 90 degree or less. The higher number tells the higher amount of the wind they can deal with. For example, Code 0 is the sail developed for tight reaching; the numbers are used for all types of spinnakers including the symmetric spinnakers and asymmetric spinnakers. The Code 2A or Code 2S are especially designed to be used for medium air sail.
While sailing in the light air fewer than 7 or 8 knots the sail needs to make an apparent wind angle for providing the boat enough speed for extra distance sailing. Here the use Symmetric Code 1A is quite beneficial. It is quite difficult to achieve the same results with symmetric spinnakers as their shape and design do not support with these sailing conditions.
While you are looking for an all purpose spinnaker for sale, you can go with Code 2 sail that is perfect for 90 degree wind apparent. As per the level of rig you can consider buying A2 or S2 models.  The next type is Code 4 line that is much similar to the Code 2 in the matter of shape but due to stronger material and strong build, it can face the heavy wind with the speed of 18 knots.
For the lovers of cruiser spinnaker a general purpose cruiser provides the benefits of stability and easier sailing. One more thing taken care while selecting a spinner for you that extra weigh if spinnaker simply ensures the durability,  on the other hand, it somehow stops the boat to swift in the wind of 12 to 15 knots.