Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Three key rules for beginning sailors


Sailing is a complex sport and needs a high focused attitude towards the things that really matter. Like any other adventure sport, it also has some basic rules which are very essential to follow for safety, remarkable performance and winning the competitions. Let’s go through them:
Sail in more winds
It is the first and key rule of getting faster with your sailboat. All the expert sailors are unanimous on this point that when you sail in more winds, it becomes easy to get the desired speed. While getting ready for a race, first stand on the boom and scan the course of the wind, if you earn the ability to set your head sail and the other assortments as per the most advantageous condition.  It is not about waiting for the fast wind, but making the arrangements to set it in your benefit.
Sail to the mark
Once you have understood the wind, you need to sail towards the mark. For this you will have to point your bow more towards the mark. It is the fundamental rule that the thumb is needed to be tacked on the headers upwind and the jibe on the left downwind.  Keep your mindset with the few things: sail towards more winds, getting the right lane sailing towards the significant gain and using the circumstances such as geographical shifts or the favorable currents. Other than the exceptions arise with the 10% probability, the 90% sailing must be done towards the mark.
Keep it simple
Sailing is an art and science of balancing the boat on the water as per the wind and your winning target; so you need to keep it free from the drama. While racing you should avoid the crowds and not tack or jibe too much or show off. The good races are often simple and clean. Winning in a sailboat race means a single rule: sail fast and sail straight. Set your head sail and other attachment and ensure their right positioning instead of showing off your style to the audiences. 

So, when you plan for your next race, apply these simple but fundamental rules and find yourself in a winning position.