Monday, 27 July 2015

How to buy customized sail boats and sails online

Buying a sailboat requires well-planned execution of calculated ideas, basic understanding of your sailing challenges, and type and form of the sail boat you would need for cruising. With the availability of a host of online sellers who offer unique ranges of functional sail boats ready for delivery after tweaks and customization, the task of choosing a sail boat has become simpler.

You just need to decide on the features and functionalities you would require-- its shape, size, basic configuration and brand. Online sellers have uncomplicated the process of buying your custom-designed sailboats.

Like the sailboats, sails too can be customized based on your necessity – be it a spinnaker or a mainsail. Online sellers usually have templates and entry form in which you can key in your custom information. You can enter your name, email, boat type, type of spinnakers etc., address for shipping, other comments and then submit.

Doing this, you can expect a quick reply from the online sellers who would provide you with a predesigned mockup of your sails. You can review it and after some basic modifications you can get it ordered online. Once done, the custom-designed sail will be ready for you and be delivered at your doorstep. The process is as simple as this!

There are a number of such vendors online but you need to check the credentials before ordering. One of such companies is here – you can compare, view, review, and order your custom sails boat or even customize one depending on your personalized and budgetary needs.

The company has been helping clients with quality yet affordable sails and sailing equipment with a mission to help sailors rule the seas. Click the company website for custom-built sails. They have a range of in-stock sails too. You can pick one if you are in urgent need.

Things you need to consider before buying a headsail

Choosing a proper and effective headsail, be it for racing or for cruising, is perhaps the most difficult yet important decision for a sailor. A wrong headsail could have negative effect on the safety and balance of the boat. If your headsail is too bigger for the boat, expect the boat to become overpowered; this would result in heel and helm. If your sail is too small, expect compromises on speed and power.

The choice of headsails should be simple – it should help you maintain an evenly-built balance while without compromising in the power of sail. It should properly give you an edge to winding through the waters, without making a huge effort. There are different kind of headsails available for you to choose from including the custom-designed ones, constructed according to the type of your sail boat and nature of sailing.

More complex, ambitious, and challenging your cruising itinerary is, more improved and sturdy should the headsails be. As an example; a heavier sail is good for breezy days while a lighter, fuller sail performs well when there is less wind. Apart from the variations in wind, the nature of cruising also acts as a deciding factor.

Most headsails are built to perform well within a specified wind range. For conditions in which seas are choppy, you need more power, it is important you keep fuller sails towards the top of the boat range. While choosing your headsails, it is important that you compare and then choose from the branded products.

Choosing a quality headsail for sale improves your chance for a safe sail. To compare, choose, review and opt from quality headsails, you can click the website – the company has in its portfolio trusted range of affordable headsails, manufactured by Rolly Tasker, the most experienced sailmaker of our time.  

A first time buyer’s guide to choose a new or used sail boat

Want to get a sail boat soon? Which one should you consider – New or Old ones? Well, things depend on a lot of factors – cost considerations, buying process, and the condition of the boat etc. Some choose to buy a new one because they want everything new whereas some want to pick from used boats to save a few hundred dollars. What should you be choosing from? We take a note!

Define your needs 
Which type of boat do you need – a simple recreational boat or a boat for family outings?
Which form of basic sail boat should be good for you – sloop vs. ketch, catboard vs. catamaran, fixed keel vs. centerboard? Knowing which basic form of boat serves your purpose reduces the hassle of choosing the boat you want to buy.

Where will you be sailing? A more flexible yet sturdy boat is what you need if you will be sailing on tough tides.
What should be the size of your sail boat? As mentioned above, if you require a simple boat for weekend recreational trips, skip the larger ones.

Besides, sailing gears, the time needed for you to manage your boat, the brand of sailing boat etc. are needed to be considered when choosing between a used and new sail boat.
Generally, an old boat is not a bad deal if it seems to be sturdy, has not been used too frequently by the sailor, if it is made of solid materials and has scope for further upgrades.
Still if you don’t like the idea of buying something that has been used by others, wait for a while and accumulate the money for a new sail boat.

To know about sailing boat, mainsails for sale, storm sails for sale etc., click this website. We have an inventory of ready-made sails and are a pro in custom built sails.  

Thursday, 23 July 2015

About Spinnakers – Your friend at sea

A spinnaker is a special type of sail specifically designed for sailing off the wind – it could be lightweight in material and even large. More commonly, it comes as balloon-shaped, and is easy to store away when unused. The basic purpose of using a spinnaker is to make the most of any downwind air while the yacht is running in that direction.
A very important tool and part of sailing, a spinnaker can be attached easily and detached quickly. They come in different designs and patterns and of course colors. You can order pre-made spinnakers or place an order for one that meets your custom requirements.
Whatever you buy, the longevity of your spinnaker depends on how good you are in taking care of sailing equipment and sails.

Some best practices to have a spinnaker that works for a long time--
• Make sure you are buying from a trusted spinnaker supplier
• Make sure that the sail-cloth can support your itinerary. If you are going off-shore, you’ll need stronger Dacron and if you are picking one for racing, then again you need a special variant of Dacron or else your sail can get torn apart.
• Pack properly and store in a safe place.
• Your sail should not suffer from any type of decay. Use it at intervals.
• Clean your spinnaker to remove airborne contaminants.

As mentioned above, buying your spinnakers from a trusted supplier is very important. Opt for a supplier that has a credible record of providing spinnakers in great variety of designs, patterns, and fabrics.  Besides, it should give you a guarantee of quality. One of such suppliers is here – the company has carved a niche of its own for providing quality spinnakers, custom built sails etc.
Check the spinnakers for sale or design your own, according to your personalized choices. 

How to order your storm sails

Did you know that sailing in heavy weather becomes dangerous not necessarily for unruly waves and unfavorable wind but most common mishaps usually happen because of lack of judgment from the sailors and an inability to predict the next course of action?
Things become worse if you have sailing tools that are outdated. Imagine this – You are trying to maneuver your boat against high waves and wind. Gradually the waves become so steep that the top of your boat collapses on the face of the wave – leaving you struggle for balance which you find hard to accomplish because of your outdated sailing tools, a storm sail for example that does not work.

Every single sailing tool is important. In this blog we will discuss about storm sails.
Every boat that ventures into off-shore routes should carry a suite of storm sails as the most essential equipment. To sustain the stormy wind and waves, these sails are designed using very high quality cloth. There are different variations of storm sails. You can order your pre-designed storm sails or get one custom-designed from online suppliers.

Some basic requirements to remember before you buy or custom design your storm sail--
• Your sail should be tailored according to the dimensions of your boat. A computer designed, hand finished sail works well.

• Sail cloth should be designed in a way that it can handle rough weathers.

• It should come with extra stitching for increased endurance.

You can choose from different designs, patterns and fabric variations. Before you order your storm sails online, it is important you read reviews of the users who purchased from the store earlier. Choose someone who is reputed, in the trade for not less than 10 years and has a record of providing affordable solutions. Click here to get your storm sails for sale.