Monday, 27 July 2015

A first time buyer’s guide to choose a new or used sail boat

Want to get a sail boat soon? Which one should you consider – New or Old ones? Well, things depend on a lot of factors – cost considerations, buying process, and the condition of the boat etc. Some choose to buy a new one because they want everything new whereas some want to pick from used boats to save a few hundred dollars. What should you be choosing from? We take a note!

Define your needs 
Which type of boat do you need – a simple recreational boat or a boat for family outings?
Which form of basic sail boat should be good for you – sloop vs. ketch, catboard vs. catamaran, fixed keel vs. centerboard? Knowing which basic form of boat serves your purpose reduces the hassle of choosing the boat you want to buy.

Where will you be sailing? A more flexible yet sturdy boat is what you need if you will be sailing on tough tides.
What should be the size of your sail boat? As mentioned above, if you require a simple boat for weekend recreational trips, skip the larger ones.

Besides, sailing gears, the time needed for you to manage your boat, the brand of sailing boat etc. are needed to be considered when choosing between a used and new sail boat.
Generally, an old boat is not a bad deal if it seems to be sturdy, has not been used too frequently by the sailor, if it is made of solid materials and has scope for further upgrades.
Still if you don’t like the idea of buying something that has been used by others, wait for a while and accumulate the money for a new sail boat.

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