Monday, 27 July 2015

Things you need to consider before buying a headsail

Choosing a proper and effective headsail, be it for racing or for cruising, is perhaps the most difficult yet important decision for a sailor. A wrong headsail could have negative effect on the safety and balance of the boat. If your headsail is too bigger for the boat, expect the boat to become overpowered; this would result in heel and helm. If your sail is too small, expect compromises on speed and power.

The choice of headsails should be simple – it should help you maintain an evenly-built balance while without compromising in the power of sail. It should properly give you an edge to winding through the waters, without making a huge effort. There are different kind of headsails available for you to choose from including the custom-designed ones, constructed according to the type of your sail boat and nature of sailing.

More complex, ambitious, and challenging your cruising itinerary is, more improved and sturdy should the headsails be. As an example; a heavier sail is good for breezy days while a lighter, fuller sail performs well when there is less wind. Apart from the variations in wind, the nature of cruising also acts as a deciding factor.

Most headsails are built to perform well within a specified wind range. For conditions in which seas are choppy, you need more power, it is important you keep fuller sails towards the top of the boat range. While choosing your headsails, it is important that you compare and then choose from the branded products.

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