Thursday, 23 July 2015

About Spinnakers – Your friend at sea

A spinnaker is a special type of sail specifically designed for sailing off the wind – it could be lightweight in material and even large. More commonly, it comes as balloon-shaped, and is easy to store away when unused. The basic purpose of using a spinnaker is to make the most of any downwind air while the yacht is running in that direction.
A very important tool and part of sailing, a spinnaker can be attached easily and detached quickly. They come in different designs and patterns and of course colors. You can order pre-made spinnakers or place an order for one that meets your custom requirements.
Whatever you buy, the longevity of your spinnaker depends on how good you are in taking care of sailing equipment and sails.

Some best practices to have a spinnaker that works for a long time--
• Make sure you are buying from a trusted spinnaker supplier
• Make sure that the sail-cloth can support your itinerary. If you are going off-shore, you’ll need stronger Dacron and if you are picking one for racing, then again you need a special variant of Dacron or else your sail can get torn apart.
• Pack properly and store in a safe place.
• Your sail should not suffer from any type of decay. Use it at intervals.
• Clean your spinnaker to remove airborne contaminants.

As mentioned above, buying your spinnakers from a trusted supplier is very important. Opt for a supplier that has a credible record of providing spinnakers in great variety of designs, patterns, and fabrics.  Besides, it should give you a guarantee of quality. One of such suppliers is here – the company has carved a niche of its own for providing quality spinnakers, custom built sails etc.
Check the spinnakers for sale or design your own, according to your personalized choices. 

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