Thursday, 23 July 2015

How to order your storm sails

Did you know that sailing in heavy weather becomes dangerous not necessarily for unruly waves and unfavorable wind but most common mishaps usually happen because of lack of judgment from the sailors and an inability to predict the next course of action?
Things become worse if you have sailing tools that are outdated. Imagine this – You are trying to maneuver your boat against high waves and wind. Gradually the waves become so steep that the top of your boat collapses on the face of the wave – leaving you struggle for balance which you find hard to accomplish because of your outdated sailing tools, a storm sail for example that does not work.

Every single sailing tool is important. In this blog we will discuss about storm sails.
Every boat that ventures into off-shore routes should carry a suite of storm sails as the most essential equipment. To sustain the stormy wind and waves, these sails are designed using very high quality cloth. There are different variations of storm sails. You can order your pre-designed storm sails or get one custom-designed from online suppliers.

Some basic requirements to remember before you buy or custom design your storm sail--
• Your sail should be tailored according to the dimensions of your boat. A computer designed, hand finished sail works well.

• Sail cloth should be designed in a way that it can handle rough weathers.

• It should come with extra stitching for increased endurance.

You can choose from different designs, patterns and fabric variations. Before you order your storm sails online, it is important you read reviews of the users who purchased from the store earlier. Choose someone who is reputed, in the trade for not less than 10 years and has a record of providing affordable solutions. Click here to get your storm sails for sale.

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