Friday, 26 June 2015

What does it mean by a custom-built sail?

The trend of buying custom-designed sail is up, and for some good reasons. People are opting for bespoke designed sails depending on their specific requirements and surfing habits. Instead of just adding ready-made sails to the cart they are learning about the types, built and quality of the sails.

And they definitely don’t buy if they don’t seem happy with the product descriptions. Besides, some vessels are so designed that you cannot think of anything else than specially designed sails.

This trend is not a new one. In the early days of seafaring, sails had always been custom designed. There was no internet and online shopping. Sailors and owners of the boats used to visit the sailmakers, discuss about the sail plan, provide them with the measurements and the sails were made.

20th century had to introduce bulk production and ready-made sails to cater to the rising demands but almost 50% sail buyers always preferred custom sails like they do today.

A sail should be designed in such a manner so that it can withstand the wind and bring a balance between surfing time and power. It is designed based on certain quality aspects so that to provide the surfer with necessary grips and edges.

When it is designed on the basis of custom preferences of a customer, it is called a custom-built sail. Even in the ‘70s or ‘80s buyers needed to make an appointment with the sailmaker and he used to visit the boat, take measurements before getting into work.

Today, everything can be done online. You just need to log in to the supplier’s site, learn about the ordering process, provide the details and place the order. The sail will be delivered at your doorstep. Check our site for example. We are the proud supplier of Rolly Tasker sails. But if you want to have a ‘loft’ experience, you are always welcome. Your custom sail order will be taken care of anyway.

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