Friday, 26 June 2015

Tips to buy a spinnaker that will last long

Sometimes clients knock our door with loads of complaints about the spinnakers they bought from other suppliers. Some of them complain about the longevity issues, some of them think that the design is too bad but they couldn’t visualize before buying. (This is why we have kept design your own spinnaker section on our website)

Many of them say that the sail couldn’t survive tough winds and they had to be in deep waters. Now, we prefer to remain tight-lipped. We can only talk about our quality and we know that we don’t have to say anything out loud. Performance speaks and our Marketing department makes merry.

Believe us, we never go fishing customers, they in fact hunt us down. And here are a couple of words to help you out buying a spinnaker that will last long.


A good company usually manufactures products ensuring the customer requirements and provides improved type of solutions. A spinnaker needs to be chosen based on quality, if you know that the company that manufactures spinnakers is working well with a trusted record of providing value-oriented solutions, you can buy one!


Do not buy spinnakers without comparing prices offered by a number of suppliers. Prices of course vary because of the quality of the Dacron used, stitching, quality of the threads, type of stitching, craftsmanship and a lot of other things. You should buy something that will be value for money.


Where are you heading or what you are going to do with your boat and the sails is a key factor for the longevity of any kind of sail, not only spinnaker. With a spinnaker made for simple moderate wind cruising you cannot expect to win a yacht race. Even if you manage to win, the sail will pass away right after.
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