Wednesday, 27 May 2015

5 reasons you should not buy used sails

The argument should start with why should you at all buy used sails? The one and only reason can be budget. Mostly, people invest on the sailing inventory once and then whenever they require a lose headsail, mainsail or spinnaker they seek used sails to save money.
Although buying and selling used sails is a too common a trend, we shall always recommend you not to go for it. Find the five reasons below—

Faulty construction
When a used sail is up for sale, you can be rest assured that there are certain issues. Maybe the sail has an in-built fault in the construction which prevented the previous owner to get the desired performance out of it.

Worn-out sailcloth
This is one of the chief reasons sailors want to get rid of the sails. Clever sailors put these up for sale while they buy fresh sails for themselves. They manage to raise a part of the money by selling off the old sails.

Repairing doesn’t help
Some people tend to buy used sails and then send them for repairing in order to save money. But not all kind of sails are repairable and there’s no guarantee that post-repairing the sail will last long.
Maybe the buyer would have to spend again after a short while.

Low durability
In general, used sails have low durability than fresh sails and if you are wise, you shall rather spend $50 more to get a new sail which will last for years than saving $20 on a used sail which will make you buy another one or two years down the line.

Sails should preferably be custom-made so that you can get it constructed to fit perfectly with your boat design and if you think custom sails are expensive then you need to change your perception.
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