Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Read about spinnaker and the perfect way to buy it custom designed

First it happily flies with the wind and then balloons out in front of the boat when deployed –helping the boat move steadily without wave and wind hassle. Usually constructed using light-weight fabric such as nylon and often coloured shiningly; it is easy to optimize to cater to a particular range of wind angle. They have long been a preferred device for sailors to sail of the wind from a reaching course. We’re talking about spinnakers – named by different titles in different places; such as a kite and chute.

There are two basic forms of spinnakers in use today namely symmetric spinnaker and asymmetric spinnaker. Choosing the right spinnaker depends on a number of factors; some of which necessarily include – the wind speed, wind angle, type and duration of sailing, no of people on board etc. The symmetrical spinnaker is perhaps the most widely used. Asymmetrical spinnaker is also in use for racing events. Both type of spinnakers are functionally useful and easy to use. But how you use and which type of spinnaker is a classic type depends on the factors we told earlier.

There are service providers and sail manufacturers who offer improved type of spinnakers. These spinnakers can even be customized according to sailing requirements. There are service providers who assure improved variety of custom designed products. Before you choose a product, it is important for you to compare, choose from the products; and before buying; you should compare the features with your initial requirements.

Articulate your requirements, define your needs and calculate the savings in terms of the products and your budget. Generally, if you are to buy a custom designed spinnaker, you require to invest more since the manufacturer needs to put in added skills and time by customizing the original design.

A good service provider to get your custom built spinnaker is National Sail – the company leverages on its domain expertise, skilled manpower and calculative process to design, automate and manufacture your spinnaker according to your custom requirements. You can ask the company for quote about designing a custom spinnaker 

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