Wednesday, 30 December 2015

What is self-tacking headsail?

Traditionally, sailing yachts used to have 2 standalone jib sheets, compelling your crew to pull one jib sheet off, while winding the other sheet on, whenever required. However, much of the hassles of manually maintaining such a traditionally complicated headsail goes for an off with the help of self-tacking headsail.
The concept behind self-tacking is very simple – with the help of the automated ticking, your headsail moves around from one corner to the other on its own; without having to grind any winches. It also means no alarm on the deck and your crew need not to manually rush around the deck for tacking.

Some of the key benefits of using a self-tacking headsail
Whether you are managing single-headedly or moving around with a team of inexperienced crew, you no longer need to have any sort of issues or worries. If you have kids on board, you can easily look after them. This kind of self-tacking headsail reduces your investment made on a crew. It is easy to manage; simple to install and most importantly offers you greater power of effortless sailing.

The self tacking process is  simple – it has primarily one jib sheet. The entire mechanism is so simple and advanced that it helps you effortlessly manage your sailing.
The traditional headsails were mush of a difficult thing and sometimes required experienced manpower for controllability. With a self tracker, you minimize your time, effort and money thereby saving on a lot of standalone things.

So, if you need to uncomplicate the entire process of headsail design, and sail through, switch to self tacker. It is easy to manage, simple to install and does not cost you more than you can afford.
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