Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Custom Sails built to fit your personal sailing boat

“I can’t control the wind but I can adjust the sails” – Ricky Skaggs, resonate in the mind of every person who take up sailing for adventure or sports. Who would not love to venture out in the open sea and witness the perfect picture of the dusky evening and experience the calmness?

Most of the people love to get their boat custom made to reflect their style. Market is full of shops that make available custom built sails for sale. The sails are designed and made using latest technologies and materials to ensure safety, efficiency in the sea and strength and durability for its rough use. Custom built sails enable best performance from the boats because of their tailored fit. Various types of sails make up the complete sailboat. Different sails are used in different wind condition and for different types of sailing experience. Custom sails can be purchased online also by providing your requirements.

Different types of custom sails used for sailing are Mainsails, Headsails, Spinnakers and Storm sails. These are the basic category of sails and other types of sails available in the market are a variation of these category. Mainsails are used to power the boat for propulsion using the strength of the wind. It is the main sail. Headsails are the secondary sails used along with the mainsail and also in place of mainsail. They are used to navigate the boat upwind. Genoa and Jib are the two main headsails. Spinnakers on the other hand are used when the boat is sailing downwind or the wind is flowing from its rear. Spinnakers have two subtypes. The traditional spinnaker is also called symmetrical spinnaker which is fixed on a pole and used when the wind is directly behind the boat. Asymmetrical spinnaker is used when the wind is coming to the boat at an angle. Storm sails are used in bad weather to keep the boat under control.

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