Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Storm sails is very necessary for protection in bad weather

It is said that the most beautiful things in the world are most unpredictable. The saying aptly fits with what ocean has to offer us. Venturing out in the open sea is very adventurous and most amazing experience. But, it also full of risks at all level. The main threat of sailing comes from bad weather which comes with strong gale lashing badly at the boat. 

Storm sails -   Natinal Sail Supply

For many people, investing in storm sails is a waste of money as most of them will not dare to venture out is storm. The technology has developed to a large extent to facilitate timely warning of bad weather. Still it makes sense to take precaution for one’s life. One must never even think of sailing without a storm sail.

Storm sails for sale is available in most of the stores who are either manufacturer or suppliers of sailing equipments. Storm sails are also custom made to fit perfectly on the boat. They are made from very strong materials which are also very heavy to bear the wrath of storm in the turbulent sea. They are designed keeping in mind reliability, easy fitting and easy handling in the boat. A reliable storm sail will allow to focus on controlling the boat rather than worrying about the condition of the sail. They are integrated with stainless steel rigs and cringes for imparting extra strength coupled with extra stitching. They are made in orange colour to increase its visibility in bad weather against the grey or black background.

The storm sails are smaller in size and they are put up in turbulent weather. The large Genoa will not be able to keep the boat in balance. They are usually lowered down and storm sales are used to navigate the ship out of the bad weather condition without getting overpowered by the force of the storm.

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