Monday, 17 November 2014

Quality Headsails are available for sale at affordable rates

If you are bored to death with the mundane activities of daily life and looking forwards to something very exciting, then Sailing can work wonders for you. Sailing is a very adrenaline pumping, thrilling adventurous sport. People take up sailing during the weekends to relax and energize oneself for the coming week filled with the same hustle and bustle of daily life. It is great to escape in loneliness once in a while away from the madding crowd. 
Sailing uses different types of sails to be used in different weather condition and wind speed. The major categories of sails that are being used are mainsails, Headsails, Spinnakers and Storm sails. The rest of the sails are variation of the above mentioned categories.

The head sails are the secondary sails which are used during the boat journey. The headsails are used for moving upwind along with the mainsails as the main power generator for the boat. There are two types of commonly used headsails known as Genoa and Jib. They are placed in front of the mainsail in the boat and hence their name. They are first sail that the wind has to encounter. They are always remain fixed to the boat and rarely removed unlike the mainsail which is removed when the wind is very strong. Genoa is larger in size than a Jib and used when the speed of the wind is low. Its larger size helps in generating maximum drag when the speed of the wind is low. Jib on the other hand is used when the speed of the wind is high because of its smaller size which functions well in high wind. The Genoa overlaps with the mainsail but Jib remains below the mast. 

Headsails are very important for sailing in a given weather condition and must be designed and constructed for safety and easy handling.

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