Thursday, 27 November 2014

The performance of the Mainsail is very important while manufacturing it

Sailing is one of the amazing sports that uses nature’s power manifested in the form of strong wind in the open sea. As the name suggests, the Mainsail is the primary sail being used in the boat to provide the power required for propulsion. Wind power is trapped within the Mainsail which generates enough force to lift and drag the boat simultaneously. It can be considered to be the power house of the boat and does the most of the work. It is located behind the mast of the sailing vessel. It is very huge and has large sail area. It
can be either rectangular or square in shape. The Mainsail is not only about speed but they must be rugged, reliable and easy to handle.  They are made from very strong material like nylon or polyester which are strong yet vary light. The lightness of the Mainsail allows for easy handling. Strength of the mainsail is important to retain its shape when load builds up in strong wind and lighter weight decreases heeling and pitching movements. Usually, the colour of the Mainsail is white which have few coloured stripes and logo of the team or the sponsoring company is printed on it. When the boat is running smoothly, the Mainsail is usually lowered down and the task is taken from the secondary sails called as Headsails. Headsails are rather expensive but they can last for a decade if the material is of good quality and they have been handled with care despite the fact that the average life of the Mainsail is three to four years. The Mainsails are custom made based on the design of the boat in which it is to be used. Second hand Mainsails are also available in the market at affordable cost but good quality.

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