Monday, 17 November 2014

Ability to hold shape and strength of the mainsail is very important for sailing in all wind speed

Sailing is a very thrilling sport where the sailor gets the opportunity to test his strength and prowess. It is an amazing experience to use the power of the wind to sail along the waves of the incredible ocean. People often venture out in the deep ocean to enjoy the scenic views. It is not only fun but also therapeutic in nature as it calms the mind. Nothing can be more relaxing than spending time in the ocean in utter silence except the noise of the wind and waves, away from the noisy world.


The boat uses the aerodynamic structure of the sails to trap the wind and generate enough force to push the boat ahead. There are different types of sails that are available to move the boat in various wind speed and its direction. The sail which is majorly used as the powerhouse of the boat is known as Mainsails. It provides the power and speed to the boat and also helps in steering the boat in desired direction. The mainsails must be strong and light for smooth movement of the boat. The mainsail must be strong enough to hold the shape when load builds up in heavy blows else the sail will collapse in strong wind.  The lightness of sail prevents the boat from heeling and reduces pitching movements. They must be able to easily adjust to the changing condition of the wind and take shape accordingly. It is located at the main mast of the boat and supported by a horizontal boom. It is positioned at tight angle to the boat such that it moves against the direction of the wind also known as upwind sailing. They must be made from strong yet light materials for the optimal performance. They must be durable enough to withstand the vagaries of weather conditions for a longer period. 

The manufacturers and suppliers of sails custom design the Mainsails to provide best fit to the boats as every boat is unique in design and features.

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