Monday, 17 November 2014

The sailors must not avoid storm sails to save money

The adventurous sailors often venture out deep into the ocean for sublime experience when they often have to come to terms with the fury of the nature in the form of unpredictable weather condition such as heavy rain, gusty storm which are also accompanied with lightning and thunder making the situation worse. The sailors should always be prepared for such unreliable conditions. They must always carry storm sail which has been designed to function well in the bad weather.

storm sails

Many sailors have the perception that weather forecasting system and communication channels are so advanced and reliable that they do not need storm sail as they will never venture out in bad weather. But they forget that weather can be very unpredictable especially in the deep ocean and communication channels can fail miserably in bad weather.

The storm sails are designed keeping in mind the bad weather and adverse situation it might have to face in guiding the boat out of the sticky situation. The usual sails do not function well in strong winds and can lead the boat to heel. They are built using strongest materials and its components are also of best quality. The lining and stitching are done by hand for extra strength and durability. The shape of the storm sails allows sufficient control over the boat and helps in moving out without getting overpowered by strong wind. Stainless steel cringes are used along with double tabling for extra strength. The storm sail is made in orange colour for easy visibility by the rescue team in bad weather. The storm sails must be designed for reliability, easy fitting and easy handling.

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