Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Sail for love, spend your Valentine’s Day on board

Have you ever sailed for love? No? Try it out this year. What more you can ask from life when the day of love falls on a Saturday. We have got the whole weekend this year to celebrate and don’t just let the opportunity pass by. Unpack your headsail , brush up your boat, check the equipment and set out for a romantic journey.  

It doesn’t matter how far you go, what matters the most is being on board with the people you love the most. The Valentine’s Day is all about making everything special for those who have made our life beautiful. Throw a surprise boat party, make them go “wow!” with your idea and give them a memory, never to be forgotten.

Does it sound weird? Well, it may but as passionate seafarers, we actually love to connect every aspect of our lives with sailing. This is the reason why we started the journey of National Sail-- a very strong excuse to get busy with the sails, the boats and other equipment round the year. 

If you too are that passionate about sailing like we are, do sail for love. Not every time you will get a weekend around this day. The Valentine’s Day 2015 deserves to be something different.

Think of a nice theme. If you are a family person with kids, ‘Pirates’ will do good but if you are seeking a ‘two-of-us’ time, ‘The Love Boat’ can be a nice one or else you just put it simple-- your favorite music on, a bottle of wine of your choice and your partner by your side.

Love steps in places where peace prevails and flows between two souls, unmasked and uncomplicated to each other.

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