Wednesday, 28 January 2015

9 Tips on Spinnaker packing

Although boating or cruising is fun, sail packing is a huge task which is not only boring but also very critical. We can share some useful tips on how to get it done smartly. Our lofts are not only full of spinnakers for sale, but also with a massive bank of sailing experience.

Spinmaker - National Sail Supply

The basic task of spinnaker packing is to put the sail inside the turtle but you need to do it in such a manner so that no twists are developed or else it will create problems later on when you shall hoist the sail again.

Follow the tips below--

  • The best way to start is to put the turtle between your legs and take a position facing the bow of the boat.
  • You should start by sitting on one of the clews and then search for the other one. It may sound weird but this will help you do the packing neatly.
  • If your have found a port clew, keep it on your left and if it is the starboard one, keep it on your right.
  • The foot of the spinnaker should always go first inside the turtle. Simple logic-- it goes the last when you hoist the sail.
  • Make sure to sit on both the clews when you will find the other clew, at the end of the foot.
  • To avoid twisting while packing the rest of the sail, pack it by following either the starboard leech or the port leech till you get the head of the sail.
  • Always remember that if you do not have a twist on one leech, you won’t have any on the other.
  • Make sure that the corners of the spinnaker are hung outside the turtle so that when required the crew can attach them to the appropriate lines. 
Spinmakers -  National Sail Supply

After closing the lid, you should check whether the bungee cord is secured over the metal ring.

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