Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Take good care of your Mainsails

Sails are long term partners for a mariner. Once bought they can be used for years, provided you take good care of them. Seasoned mariners know how to take care of the sailing equipment but for those who are new in cruising, require some tips. Specially we are concerned about expensive Mainsails. We have a range of fresh-from-the-loft Mainsails for sale and sometimes we come across customers who have got their Mainsails worn out too fast.

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How long a Mainsail will last depends on the kind of weather it gets exposed to and how it is being preserved when it is not in use. Wind, Damp and Ultraviolet Rays are the three most common enemies of sails. Racing boats are highly exposed to wind and their Mainsails normally last 1 to 3 seasons. But boats that cruise mostly along the coasts should have their Mainsails last up to 5 years. For private yachts, the period should be as long as 10 years.

We got to know a couple of customers in our 18 year old journey who have private yachts and had to discard their Mainsails after a couple of years. The most common reason that we have found is mildew. The first and foremost task to maintain a Mainsail is to keep it dry when preserved. Even if you have rolled and kept it inside the cover neatly, you have to check time to time whether it is catching moisture.

For commercial boats, the greatest threat becomes storms. That is why it is advised to take the Mains off, if the boat is going to stay at a port for a very long time. It will be unnecessary to make the Mainsail deal with the gusty winds or UV rays. Besides how you are rolling it down, can also leave some impacts. If you have full battens, roll it straight otherwise the battens will be bent.

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