Friday, 23 January 2015

Check the details of the storm sails

Storms are test times for a mariner and even a seasoned one may feel flabbergast. A lot depends on the quality of the sail and so instead of just jumping on any deal of storm sails for sale, which seems lucrative, look out for quality sails, manufactured by experienced sailmakers. 

If you have a huge experience as a sailor, have handled different kind of boats and sailing equipment, sailed extensively at different wind conditions, be it off-shore or along the coast, then you should be an expert in picking up exactly the kind of sail you need for your trip.

If you are not, you need to know that the sailcloth, type of stitch, extra stitching, reinforcement-- the checklist is long for a good quality sail. It should be so made, with such a craftsmanship and a kind of material that can withstand any sort of gusty wind condition. 

Dacron is the most ideal and durable sail material. It has many variations, meant for different usage. For example, if you are going off-shore you require Premium Dacron Crosscut as the material is more stretchable than High Modulus Dacron Crosscut which is ideal for coastal cruising.

But only the sailcloth won’t save you from the storm. Stitching is the next big factor, one that ensures that the sail will not tear apart. Type of stitching and hardware do vary according to your sailing itinerary.

If you will be going for a calm lake cruising then you may not require a three-row zig-zag stitching, mandatory for off-shore sailing. If these details seem exhaustive, you may just find a reputed sail supplier, one that has included all the necessary features in the products.

All you have to do then, just sort through the sails in offer and purchase one that suits the luff, leech and foot measurements of your boat.

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