Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Design your own spinnaker

Have you ever thought of designing your own sail? If you are a passionate cruiser you must be the one who enjoys getting busy with anything related to sailing like the equipment, sails or the vessel itself when you are not sailing. Add another activity and design your own spinnaker. It is such a fun. Just log on to our site and visit custom sails section.

Spinmaker Sail -

Although we have a range of ready-made spinnakers which you can find in our spinnaker section and buy right away but if you are not in a hurry, you should go for this creative option. It is as simple as putting colors to a drawing. We will just need to know the kind of spinnaker you require-- Radial head, Tri-radial or Star-cut.

First choose the category and immediately a drawing will appear on the screen. You will find a panel of color boxes below and a movable coloring tool. Click on a box to choose a color and you shall find the name of the color popped up on the top. The design of the spinnaker will be displayed as a line drawing with a number of horizontal and vertical panels.

After you select the color, click on a panel and you will see the panel has caught the the same. Isn’t it a fun? You will have the liberty to experiment as long as you want. Color-change-reselect-color... just enjoy your moment. If you have a child then for him/her also it can be a very creative activity.

When you are done click on the submit button and you will find an order form. Fill out all the measurement details and then click on the small question mark icon on the top right corner of the box. The rest of the mailing procedure will be mentioned there.

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