Friday, 9 January 2015

12 tips for the new sailors

We think we are veteran enough to give some tips to the youngsters in sailing. Our lofts are frequently visited by new sailors and many of them stay back for hours. Soon after they finish sorting through our spinnakers, mainsails or headsails for sale they ask for tips. New sailors, specially those who are relatively young at age, never run out of queries. We never mind and in fact we love to answer.

So we thought of sharing these basic tips here, for those who are new to sailing. You should start with a small boat and practice sailing in calm waters initially. 

  •  Check weather conditions before setting out. Take detailed notes of the tide and wind forecast.
  • Sail setting is the most vital part. Your sail should remain flat if you have normal wind conditions. During moderate winds, it should be full. Ease the setting when you are bearing away.
  • You should learn to sense which way the wind is blowing. Take it as a practice session.
  • The boom swings and many new sailors make themselves injured. You just need to remain cautious. 
  • When you are sailing downwind, you should keep the boom down and place crew weight astern.
  • In upwind condition, place crew weight to the windward side. Raise the centerboard slightly and take control of the speed.
  • Always wear life jackets and take enough number of boat cushions. For the kids, attach whistles with the jackets.
  • Learn the common sailing terms and teach the team well. On board, it is required to communicate in short.
  • Initially allow all the other boats to overtake you. This is your learning phase.
  • Always maintain a safe speed.
  • Steer the boat in a straight line. Unless you will find difficulty in adjusting your sails.
  • A flat boat is always a fast boat.

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