Monday, 30 March 2015

How about an Easter party on board?

Here comes another celebration time and we all are very excited. Everyone around is planning to do something special on this Easter weekend and we say how about an Easter party on board with the spinnakers on?

This occasion is a nice chance to catch up with the cousins, in-laws, parents and grandparents or with a league of friends whom you haven’t met in 10 years, after leaving school.

If you are a passionate sailor, then simply make arrangements and give them a surprise party on board. And if you are thinking of a tête-à-tête, your partner will definitely love the idea.

They will be high. We bet.

Just go by the checklist below before setting out for a short day-trip --

  • You should keep type III life jackets with whistles, x+2 in number. Extra jackets are good to keep.
  • Each crew-member should have one rigging knife
  • Keep heaving line, radar reflector, handheld spotlight.
  • You will need sailing gloves, hats and glasses straps. 
  • Make provision for boat shoes, rain gear, towels, blankets.
  • Your first aid box should contain tampons, gelusils, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, chapstick, hand cream and Kleenax
  • Motion sickness pills are must-haves. Also keep acupressure wrist bands and artificial tears.
  • Sunscreen or tanning cream is optional of course.
  • Do not forget to get loads of band-aids in different sizes, adhesive tapes, Q-tips, cotton balls and sterile pads.
  • Your navigation kit should include the log-book, compass, knotstick, tide tables and all the geometric equipment that come in handy.
  • Keep in your tool box flashlight, wire cutters, assorted bungee chords, duct tape, spare winch handle, leatherman, vise-grips, dacron lines and nylon lines.
  • 7x50 binoculars are must in at least 3:1 ratio-- one per three people. No one should feel left out when all be watching a sunset or a flock of birds flying towards the horizon.
  • Bring pre-cooked food, foiled, packed and ready-to-eat confectioneries, patisseries. We think there’s no need to remind you about the beverages. That’s the first thing you will pick up, we are sure.

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