Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Put an emblem, or ask for floral prints

The best part of ordering custom sails instead of buying ready-made ones is that you can design the sail the way you want. For those who take sailing as a passion and want a signature on everything they do, custom sail is the option.

It will reflect your style, your persona and will make your vessel stand apart from all the other boast or yachts on the water.

You can ask the sailmaker to print an emblem on all the sails you have ordered or you can ask for any motifs or floral prints on the dacron. We are not telling that all the lofts actually can deliver any kind of customization you are seeking.

But there are suppliers who are dealing with the sails and sail supplies for more than two decades. Approach them and they will be up for it. If you talk about us, we have already kept a section on our website for our customers so that they can design their spinnakers.

This is actually fun. Just choose the type of spinnaker you want, fill it with the colors you like, save the template and send us. Of course you will need to mention the measurements.

If you are sailing a Catalina, then you may not think otherwise but a custom sail option. These luxurious yachts are meant for special people and need to be treated in a special way.

We provide sails for almost all the Catalina models. You just need to tell us what the measurements are.

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