Thursday, 19 March 2015

Single Reefing Vs Separate Headsails

This is one of the most common dilemmas that our customers suffer from often. Although we always vote for a suite of individual headsails, many of them argue in favor of a single reefing one.

We are absolutely not against Rolling Genoas. Many new age sailors will always put their thumbs up for this option since it cuts many hassles.  

Headsails -

Both the options have some pluses and downsides but as we have mentioned many a times before in our blogs that the kind of sail you choose should be based upon your sailing itinerary. If you are new to sailing do consult with the sail supplier instead of just adding to your cart.

If you are going for an off-shore trip, it is not advisable to go for single reefing. A single sail cannot perform best in all wind conditions, specially when the chances of getting exposed to strong winds are high.

For off-shore cruising, you need a full inventory of headsails-- three large Genoas, one Working Jib, one Heavy Air Jib and a Storm Jib.

Are you doing mental maths now? Trying to figure out how much will it cost you? Borrow, if you can’t spend that much or find some used sail deals on the net but never ever play the risk unless you are an old man on the sea.

It’s true that we have seen a few experienced sailors managing with lesser number of headsails, for example say, if the boat is fractionally rigged, has got a large mainsail and a small fore-triangle.

If the plan is to simply cruising along a coastline, single reefing is a good choice since it is more practical and it will provide you with a variable sail area. But always remember that if you have a Rolling Genoa, it should have its clew much higher than the tack.

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