Thursday, 20 August 2015

When you are buying a sailboat for the first time

The idea of buying a sailboat of your own is of course an exciting one, but it also is a daunting task if it’s your first sailboat. Needless to mention that you’ll need to do a proper research and homework before making a deal with the seller, whether you are going to buy a factory-fresh one or have your eyes set on the one that has already been into stranger shores. There are some points that must be considered so that you can feel a proud owner of your first sailboat.

The purpose
You may need it solely for recreation, to take your friends and family on board for weekend trips or vacation coastal cruising or the purpose is absolutely commercial like fishing or touring. Apart from all these, you may want a super-performing boat that will make you win races. Off-shore boats, racing boats and simple weekend sailing boats further differ in terms of hull type and keel type. One that’s best for extensive saltwater sailing may not be ideal for river cruising.

The cost 
This is the next most important point to be considered. It includes the basic cost along with the insurance charges, dock fees, training (operational and functional), upgradation, safety equipments, regular maintenance charges and many other applicable costs.

Online research is a must 
The very basic step to be taken by the first time buyers is to go online and conduct a proper research about available options, model, configurations, comparative prices, opinion of the experts and the reviews by the existing owners. It could be a catamaran, a yacht or a racing dinghie, find every detail available on the web.  All these can increase your knowledge to find the best deal.
You should do the same while buying sails. Find a reputed supplier who can provide you both custom and stock sails, be it Headsails, Mainsails or Spinnakers.

Inspection and trial
Before buying the boat you choose, a trial ride is a must. Inspect properly, every inch of it. Ideally you should hire a consultant and take him along. 

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