Thursday, 13 August 2015

Why people prefer sailboats over the motorboats

Sailboats and motorboats are different in terms of craft, construction, engineering and the ‘fun’ factor. People prefer one over the other according to their convenience and will. While a motorboat is fast, don’t require air to sail forward and is a hassle-free vessel for short trips with friends and family, sailboats combine the thrill, adventure, and excitement of manual sailing. Although motorboats are convenient and easy to sail, those who are passionate about sailing will always vote for the sailboats. Many of such Pro sailors even sail with kids on board.

First of all, sailboats are less burdensome so far as the maintenance is concerned. Not only the buying cost, day to day maintenance expenditure of the sailboats is low. It’s absolutely wallet-friendly. By spending a small amount for engine maintenance and parts, you can enjoy sailing the boat for many years. Besides, since fuel requirement is low, these boats are economical. Just a few gallons of gas and it can last for the season. You and your friends can plan long trips, whenever you like, without feeling weighed down because of the fuel charges.

Now let’s get to the main point, the real reason behind sailboats being preferred by the bravehearts. With a sailboat you can set yourself free with the wind and the waves. Nothing can match the thrill of finding your way against the odds and the excitement of feeling the adventure on your skin while the high knots and waves throw a challenge to your courage. This cannot be experienced on a convenient motorboat.

But if there’s a hero of the show in sailing, then it’s the sail itself. We always suggest sailors to go for custom built sails, if they are not in a hurry. Custom sails provide better performance and control than stock sails. Do check the link to take a look at our inventory.

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