Thursday, 27 August 2015

Why you need a storm sail for your boat

If you love to sail off-shore more than just cruising along the coastlines, obviously you will need to keep a number of good storm sails aboard. It can be a storm jib or a trysail. Ideally you should have both. We wish you don’t get trapped in storms often but you need to keep your eyes on storm sails for sale offers to grab best deals.

Apart from off-shore sailing, storm sails do have another part to play. These are essentials in yacht racing. Sailors need storm sails made of strong Dacron to participate in the raching competitions. This is rule you’ll find everywhere. Storm sails can bear the force of high wing knots. Not only the material, stictching too is important.

But a sailor needs to be experienced enough in order to judge whether the prevailing weather will require the use of storm sails or not. You cannot set these sails when the storm has already taken you in its grip. Ttiming is highly important--when to reach for these sails and when to set them.

When we talk about the right and suitable sails, the basic requirements are:
• It must be constructed with a very heavy-weight sail cloth, ideally a strong Dacron
• This must be suitable to the size and dimension of the boat.
• The color of the sail must be bright (usually sailors prefer orange), so that it can be easily visible in the gray and white sea.

A variety of Storm sails for sale are provided by many manufacturers and you will obviously choose according to your budget. Pick a company or supplier who has earned a name. Check the credentials, learn who is the sailmaker and then decide. Don’t go for the gloss, experience is what you should value.

But we must say that although the sail is designed to safeguard you and your crew aboard it is much better to avoid risk. Pay attention to the weather forecast before you start.  

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