Monday, 8 December 2014

Choose Headsails according to your sailing plan

When you are off to shop to buy the Headsails for your vessel, you need to choose according to your sailing plan. Depending on your destination, requirements will change. If you are sailing offshore, the type of sails you need are different from those you will require while sailing along a coastline. The sail configuration changes from vessel to vessel also.

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When your mainsail is big enough, you will need a heavy weather jib and a 120% roller-furling Headsail. With this new roller-furling technology, we have reduced the number of sails in use but it is good for coastal sailing. The moment you go offshore, you are exposed to changing wind conditions and single Headsail will not help you.

For an offshore sailing boat, two Genoas can provide an adequate support-- one 135% that can be reefed around 95% and another 105% which reefs to 75%. But roller-furling has a side effect. Changing the sail set midway is difficult and so you need to make a sail setting plan depending on your sailing route. Large Headsails will be required if your sailing through the high pressure conditions. But if you are going to catch up with the trade winds, you need smaller ones.

Rig configurations are not same for all the boats. Some sailors even modify them to accommodate two Headstays. It is in fact necessary to have two Headsails at least, if you are planning to sail offshore.

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