Monday, 22 December 2014

Go to the loft for tips, advises and sails

Many new seafarers feel confused while buying the spinnakers for their vessels. They often find difficulty in choosing the right kind. That is why we always recommend the new mariners and private cruisers to consult a good sailmaker. Buying from his loft will be a different experience altogether as  these lofts are filled with people who have spent quality time at sea and can share a number of tips and advises.

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If you are not a seasoned mariner but planning to spend a few days cruising with your private vessel or you are going to join a crew for some serious seafaring business, you should have a clear knowledge about all types of sails and if you feel like you are falling short, you can even approach a local sailmaker for some tutorials.

Some people get confused with the codes designated to the spinnakers. Just remember the basic, running sails are even number sails and reaching sails are of odd number. Now, depending on the wind speed and angle the choice of sail will differ. Codes are designated to represent the sailing conditions. When the vessel moves forward along its course, it gets exposed to the changing wind conditions and spinnakers need to be chosen accordingly.

When you are going downwind, you need a code 2A which is a medium air sail that surfs through 7knots or 8 knots. The code 2 sails cover 7 knots to 20 knots wind and sometimes is mentioned as ‘All purpose’ spinnaker. Code 4 is for winds more than 18 knots and if you are sailing offshore you must take code 6 that withstands very windy conditions.

Now applying logic you can figure out that code 1 is meant for mild wind conditions. See, it is easy and will be easier with a loft experience.

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