Tuesday, 30 December 2014

For you are bound where mariners never dared

If you have a yacht that means you are a seafarer by passion and cannot ignore the catcalls made by the endless volumes stretched up to the horizon, storing beneath an oceanfull of mysteries. Looking at the sea for a long time makes you seek another voyage. You feel the urge to hoist the storm sails once again and set out for faraway co-ordinates, a virgin shore waiting for the first footstep.

Storm Sails

You find it little exaggerated? Oh yes, it is. But if you are a true mariner you can understand from where this is coming from. We are too passionate people, the sea-goers. It does not matter whether you own a luxury yacht or a small boat, water won’t be sweet anyway and the storms will not spare us either. In fact, we, the mariners have a special chemistry with the storms. We are threatened as well as thrilled. We pray hard before sailing but if it strikes us, we feel volcanic from inside. We gather all of our energy and strive to ride the storm in style.

How seasoned you are in seafaring is often measured in terms of how many times you have surfed through the gusty winds and managed to fight the phenomenon. We have seen even experienced seafarers fail sometimes. Technique and skill are definitely two important aspects but the type of sail used and the quality of equipment, both are vital. We specially recommend private yacht owners to pick the best quality sailing equipment within their budget. Many lofts nowadays keep ready-made sails apart from the custom built ones. Do check and choose the right kind of sails, if you are bound where mariners even never dared yet.

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