Monday, 15 December 2014

Put your name on the sail

Buying sails for your vessel is one of the most critical tasks and this is what you should do very carefully. Do not get too fascinated by brands. We are not at all against brands but the point we are trying to make is that sometimes custom built sails serve better. May be these sails are not coming from a big factory but from a local loft. That does not mean these customized sails will be of inferior quality.

Custom Built Sails

Most of these lofts employ experienced craftsmen who have worked for big brands. Besides these lofts are owned by seasoned mariners. They can actually guide you if you are a new seafarer. Ready made sails sometimes do not match the exact requirements of the boat. If you are choosing custom, then the sailmaker will have the option to go see your boat and take the measurements so that the sails fit perfectly.

They will also ask where you will be heading. Is it offshore or along the coast? Will you be catching up with the trade winds or traveling through the  gusty weather conditions. This information is vital in deciding the type of sailcloth to be used and the type of headsails to choose.

But the greatest perk of choosing a custom sail is that you can put an emblem or write a name, which will be visible from a long distance.

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