Thursday, 4 December 2014

Most of the sails are designed to improve the performance of the boat in all types of wind speed and weather condition. But, there is one sail which offers additional service, which is providing safety to the boat in adverse weather condition. Unfortunately, they are not given much importance and considered as extra burden and useless addition of cost.

Storm sails

The storm sails will be recommended by any seasoned sailor who has sailed in various weather conditions, from good to worse. Storm sails are designed for safety of the boat and its crew in stormy condition. It can be very easily distinguished from other types of sails due to their remarkable small size and its colour. Storm sails are designed in orange coloured material. Orange colour makes it easily visible and being spotted in bad storm. Since, their main motive is to face the harsh wind in the storm and keep the boat under control; much consideration is given for safety in their making. They are made from comparatively much stronger material than other sails. They are given extra stitching and the edges are usually fixed with thin steel rods to weather the force of the wind in storm.

Storm sails offers less surface area to the wind and hence generate power just enough to move out of the strong waves. The Genoa on the other hand is made up of lighter material and may not resist the power of the wind. Its large area will create power which could not be supported by the boat and the chance of the boat to get heeled is very high. Storm sails are designed to function efficiently in situation where other sails will fail to perform.

Therefore, the Storm sails must be the part of every sailing inventory.

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